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Famous Singer Grace Jones Nude

famous singer and actress grace jones nude

Famed for her androgynous look and sexually charged songs, Jamaican born singer and actress Grace Jones has been dubbed The Queen of Gay Discos. Born in Spanish Town on 19 May 1948, She started out as a model. Her look was too much for the USA, but she became a big hit in Paris, where she shared an apartment with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange.

She had a successful acting career alongside her music one, starring in movies such as A View To A Kill, Conan The Destroyer, Vamp and Boomerang. She lived for four years with Dolph Lundgren, her former bodyguard who she starred alongside in the Bond film A View To A Kill. In Britain, she is still famously remembered for hitting British chat show host Russell Harty when he turned away from her to talk to other guests.

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