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With typical Gallic insouciance, French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis has not been shy in baring all for her art. She appeared nude as a teenager in her very first role and treated us all to plenty more naked helpings subsequently. Little wonder she caught the eye of one of the world's then most eligible bachelors. Vanessa met Johnny Depp while he was in Paris filming The Ninth Gate. The pair would spend nearly 14 years together and have two children.

Born in Saint-Maur-des-Foss├ęs on 22 December 1972, Vanessa Paradis has been a huge star in France in her own right since she was a teenager. Her debut song 'Joe Le Taxi' hit number one in France when she was just 15, and it reached the top 10 in fifteen other countries. Shortly after, she launched an acting career, which has proved no less successful. She won a Cesar, the French equivalent of The Oscars, for her controversial naked acting debut in Noce Blanche, centred around an affair between a schoolgirl and a teacher.

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