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Amelie Star Audrey Tautou Nude

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Beautiful French actress Audrey Tautou has achieved success and criticial acclaim both in Hollywood and her native France. She first won international fame for her role as the eccentric lead in the 2001 romantic comedy Amélie. The movie about a shy waitress who changes the lives of those around her became the highest grossing French film ever in America. It won four César awards and was nominated for five Oscars.

Born in Beaumont, Puy-de-Dôme, on Beaumont, Puy-de-Dôme, Audrey made her first English language movie in the 2002 thriller Dirty Pretty Things. This was followed in 2005 by The Da Vinci Code, where she starred opposite Tom Hanks. She has continued to pursue a career in French movies alongside this, however, with critical and box office successes such as Hors De Prix aka Priceless and Coco Before Chanel, a biopic of the famous French fashion designer.

Audrey has refused to move to Hollywood and has said she sees French language films as the main focus for her. She has also carved a successful career in modelling, representing a string of top brands such as Chanel, Montblanc and L'Oréal. A self-confessed fashionista, she is frequently seen at top fashion shows around the world, leading the press to dub her 'The Chanel Muse'. Like a lot of French actresses, if the role calls for it, Audrey has not been afraid to bare all for her art.

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