Famous Croatian Popstar Severina Vuckovic Porno

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Popstar Severina Vuckovic
Name:  Severina Vuckovic
Place Of Birth:  Split, Croatia
Date Of Birth: 21 April 1972

Bio: Once dubbed the only bona fide Croatian celebrity, Severina Vuckovic has been the Balkans' most successful popstar for the best part of two decades, since the launch of her debut album Severina in 1989. She is also popular across the entire Balkans region. She represented her country at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Greece. Severina has also acted on stage and starred in the Bosnian film Duhovi Sarajeva. Severina achieved worldwide fame, however, when a stolen sex tape featuring her and her businessman boyfriend hit the net in 2004. She sued the website who released the video, claiming it was stolen from her and was her personal intellectual authority. But her lawsuit was dismissed by a Croatian district court.

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