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Bad Girl Miley Cyrus Nude

Daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and goddaughter to Dolly Parton, popstar and actress Miley Cyrus comes from a celebrity background which saw her follow suit before she donned her first training bra. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, on 23 November 1992, Miley won the lead in the Disney show Hannah Montana, about a teen living a double life as a popstar, before she entered her own teens. Record deals, world tours and teen super stardom soon followed.

One of Miley's heroes is Britney Spears and fortunately she's taken to copying Ms Spears dislike of underwear. Paparazzi upskirts, Miley's own raunchy youtube offerings, not to mention the unforgetable Wreckiing Ball video all go to award a smiley miley 9 out of 10 nudity rating.

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